Not sure where to start, ok let’s start with the weather cliche. It’s getting colder, currently 30 F or -1 C. We are supposed to expect snow tomorrow, which means no road trip this weekend. I am sure I will find something to do… maybe start on what should be abolished first in this country, TAXES. Time to get rid of this department of insanity and move to a flat tax that encompasses EVERYONE, period, end of story. After all if EVERYONE is using this countries resources and accoutrements shouldn’t EVERYONE pay? Just in case your actually still thinking the answer is YES, DUH!

I could go on and politics etc but you can find information everywhere so I will spare you my ideas. Just have Congress give me a call.

Well in order to preserve peoples privacy I will be referring to people as G1, G2 etc. (G1 – Girl 1 etc).

So I am communicating with G1 who lives out of state, we have been talking for roughly a year and a half. We have shared stories of our lives and things that we have gone through, but never met face to face.

G2 used to live about 2 miles from me and moved out of state last Oct. We went out maybe 6 times doing various things, movies, bike riding a casino trip or two.

So I was feeling generous and in the holiday spirit Christmas 2010, which is rare because I do not like holiday from Nov. – Feb.. So I sent each of these G’s and a few others Christmas gifts. Well G1 got hers and she was very pleased and thought that it was very nice of me. She also reciprocated by sending me a present as well. G2 received hers but the company that I purchased it from didn’t much information about the purchaser (don’t ask me, just know that I got the bill). Well she eventually tracked it down to me and contacted me, about that same time I had logged into a dating site and noticed that her city had changed. Down towards the bottom a comment was written about G2 and confirming that she had moved out of town. So I contacted G2 to make sure she received my gift, she wrote back and we starting talking again.
So I find out that her job when she was here was not her cup of tea and she was quite miserable. About this same time for me Beth was getting sicker and so G2 and I just stopped talking. Well we began talking again as I said and she that I was welcome to visit anytime. So we agreed that I would go down there in Feb. as Jan. was too soon to make arrangements.

So G1 and I are also talking as she was planning to come up and see me in March. So we hadn’t talked in maybe a week or a couple of days and “she asked so whats new?” so I wrote her about G2. Now before you attempt to write a letter campaign to me, I believe in honesty and communication. Well the next day I noticed that she was no longer a FB connection and I got a email from her politely telling me to get lost.

There is some side story to all of this but my Feb. is not about running off to get married etc. I am simply going out of town for a few days to visit a friend. Now I can not speak for G2’s agenda, I know she enjoyed my company but nothing physical ever happened. I am going down to visit, get away from the local weather and bonus points as the trip is going to cost me very little. I am not sure how much a “relationship” can change in 4 days. I doubt she would consider moving back. I don’t really like the thought of living on one side of the country. So at this point and time I do not see anything that will change the status of our friendship. Though I am pretty cute and she may want to come back to the cold temperatures (yea right).

So anyway G1 has become angry with me and I have been given the “silent treatment”. So as far as I am concerned I am innocent and guilty of nothing but being up front and honest.

So what have I gleaned from this? Nothing, I am not going to change “being honest to a fault”

Well I am done for now.