Vacation 2005

Well the alarm goes off and eventually I get up and break camp and get on the road by 4:30 am. At about 7am I stop at McD’s for breakfast and next door for gas and off I go again. At about 11am I start to get tired, mmm I wonder why? I pull over at a rest area and try to take a small nap. Well after 5 or so minutes I become angered by the fact that the blower motor to the van has rarely worked since I left for vacation and now it is hot outside. I begin to pound on the dash and it begins to come apart. I push the buttons back into the dash and now my adrenaline is up and I am ready to drive again, so much for a nap. I am about an hour from home and there is a traffic jam near Olathe, KS, dam foiled again I say. Up comes the laptop screen and I check to see when I can get off the highway and take side streets home. Finally I find one and off the highway I go and now the back roads are my best friends. Well I am finally home and surprise Beth and she is overwhelmed to finally see me in person and not on a computer screen. 5164 miles have been covered. Trip totals and pics to come soon watch link. Thanks to everyone that made this possible. My job, Dell, Goodyear, RedLine Oil, Mobile 1, Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005, Verizon Wireless, LG Cell Phone, StarCraft Campers, Reece Hitches, Chevy, the USA, Mother Nature, freedom, the people of the National Park Service. No thanks to those who tried to ruin my trip. Timberlake Apartments of Kansas City, MO, greedy Oil companies, inconsiderate neighbors who believe the “me” generation is real.

Well I am up at about 5:30am my time. It’s time to go home and deal with the apartment complex and also I am ready to go home and get moved in myself. Beth has had 3 weeks at home setting things up and they look good (per the webcam). I need to get home so I can catch up on my mail, setup my home office etc. I figure to heck with all reservations and the continental divide and petrified Forrest, they will be there when I get back out west. So my plan is to drive until dark, I get tired or to Amarillo, TX. Yes I am in Arizona. Well the drive is going well until I get about 25 miles from Amarillo and notice that I am low on fuel. I take the first exit I see that looks to have a station. I drive through the first station and no one is around. I get to the second and it looks like they have done business recently. I get out and then see a small sign about being closed and then another sign about when they would be open. Bummed and stressed a little I get back in the van and start the engine, and then I see the orange glow “Low Fuel”. Ok, now I am really stressed, I know I have my Good Sam ERS card but still this will take time to get fuel to me and I am still psyched about being home. Well I get back on the highway and look at the next exit, no gas stations. So I go on and finally a few miles later a Shell station. I pull in and then look up and the real irony is the name of the street the station is cornered on is my last name, creepy. Well I get gas and some ice and some drinks and off I go. Well I make it to Amarillo and decide to continue since it’s not dark and I still feel good. I go about another 50 miles and call it quits. Like the gas station exercise, first stop mentioning camping, no pun intended looks like a scene from Texas Chainsaw massacre. Not a single camper on the grounds, so back on the highway and I don’t see a sign for miles. Finally a sign mentioning camping and I pull off to check it out. Well it’s less scary and they are about 10 RV’ers parked there, excellent and I check in. Well I set up camp and shower and get a snack and then try to sleep. I am angered by the apartment complex and how they have treated Beth that it becomes all I think of. After a few hours of tossing and turning I set the alarm for 3:45 am. Yes I figure a few hours of sleep and I can make the last 560 miles to get home. Heck I just finished 775 miles to get here.

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