Sanibel 2008

Sunday, neither of us were hungry so we hit the road headed towards home. For the most part the drive was uneventful, we hit some rain while in Illinois and had lunch at Burger King. After that were back on the road, when we got to St.Louis it rained hard and the highway had some substantial rain ruts causing rain to cascade in the air. Once we got near St. Charles, Mo things settled down and the ride was smooth again. I wanted to get some antiquing in (look for Snoopy / Peanuts) collectibles. We stopped at one place in Warrenton, Mo and all I found was a Thermos Lucy soup container so I bought it. While there we learned of a small booklet that listed all the antique stores on highway 70. The owner of the store we were at recommended 2 other places on our way and so we stopped, I found nothing at the first and a Peanuts comic strip print (680/2500), so I grabbed that.

Next stop would have to be the Brass Armadillo as I had found plenty of Snoopy items there in the past. Well I hit the mother load again, I found a large “Lucy” Doctor is in bank, a Charlie Brown Thermos like the Lucy one earlier mentioned, a Linus Avon soap decanter and some other things.
This was somewhat of a lucky stop as we left the previous store we did not think there was enough time to get to the Brass Armadillo but they were open later than we thought.

After that we put a few gallons of gas in the car and headed back on the road with about 30 miles to go.As we got closer to home we discussed dinner and ended up at Chilis near our house, had dinner and went home. Once home we unloaded the car and called it a night.

Sanibel 2008 has ended.

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Saturday, we woke up and went to Waffle House and had breakfast and then we headed to Stone Mountain. Beth had a picture of this place and always wanted to see this place. Well we got to the park and paid our admission and looked around and took a few pictures. We then saw there was a SkyView cable tram to the top. We bought tickets and stood in line and just as were were being counted to board a car they closed the attraction. Apparently the wind picked up and lightening was coming. We then went to the gift shop and picked up a few things and the SkyView was still closed. Knowing we had a lot of highway to go we got a refund for our tickets and headed out. While in Tennessee besides stopping for gas, we stopped at Krystal’s (like White Castle) and took in a burger and shake. A few hours later we stopped for a geocache which we quickly found and moved on. After another bunch of hours we stopped in Kentucky and did another geocache and had dinner at the The Oasis (like a Texas Roadhouse), the food here was excellent and I recommend it as well. Next to the restaurant there were 2 hotels and it turns out they were both full (we were very close to Kentucky Lake and it’s a 3 day weekend), we left and headed to Paducah and found a Best Western there and pulled in for the night.

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